Medicare for All(continued)

Medicare for All passage means, our government can negotiate lower prices with medical providers and in tandem, negotiate lower prices with pharmaceutical companies. Paying no premiums means small businesses in the 7th have a greater opportunity to prosper due to greater numbers of dollars flowing through our District's economy rather than being spent on a heavily tax payer subsidized failing private health insurance system.

How To Pay For "Medicare For All”? : Lawrence supports Elizabeth Warren's Plan. Her proposal calls for a 2 cent tax on every dollar on income on assets over $50 million.This is only one of many fair options for funding Medicare for All. Even Warren Buffet, one of America's wealthiest citizens laments that he pays a lower effective tax rate than his secretary does. For a tax payer making over $50 million per year,  a 2 percent tax on every dollar over $50 million is not going to undermine anyone's standard of living in that tax bracket.

Bernie's plan makes sense too, i.e., make Wall Street hedge fund brokers pay sales taxes on all their transactions like any other merchant who sells products. Why are  these multi-million dollar sales transactions exempt from being taxed anyway? Would it be the political donor class get special tax break rewards so long as a certain private political organization or party gets a share?

Everyone should pay their fair share as in: Equal treatment under the law. In so doing, says Bernie, this alone would pay the freight for Medicare for All. However, the lion's share of the savings will mainly come from not having to pay billions in taxpayer subsidies (wellfare) in annual subsidies to a top heavy,inefficient health insurance industry. Despite year after year of massive publicly funded subsidies this industry, it does provide affordable coverage to millions of  Americans who go without or who go bankrupt unable to meet the costs insurance will not cover.

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich breaks down the true cost of Medicare for All - link.