Election Interference (continued)

Koch's father originated the family fortune in the 1930s through a financial arrangement with Joseph Stalin's totalitarian regime. It was through Stalin and the horrors of that tyrannical regime that the Koch fortune came to be. See, Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right by Jane Mayer, Investigative Journalist, NY Times. It's worth noting that the now elderly Koch heir(s) of today are as much opponents of democratic government as Stalin was. Stalin did in fact originate the Koch fortune as  Koch senior helped Stalin consolidate his power helping  build his energy sector.Now the Kochs' use their vast blood money sourced fortune to fix and interfere in U.S. elections.

Even in the 1950's, Koch senior was sowing hatred against America, founding the racist anti-American John Birch Society that spent millions in one famous incident publicizing the libel and slander against Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower saying he was a  communist.

Today, that same Koch fortune blood money will be used to spread lies and misinformation against democratic opponents in Koch's efforts to elect Tom Tiffany or worse, Jason Church, for Wisconsin's 7th Congressional seat. Tiffany is a truly corrupt politician and like Church is an unabashed admirer of totalitarianism.

As a strip mining advocate, Tiffany lied in 2014 as he spearheaded the passage of the infamous Wisconsin Mining Bill SB(1) , telling 7th District's voters that strip mining is an environmentally clean way of mining that would create high paying jobs. In truth, the mining company planned to strip mine an area 90 miles long and 5 miles wide starting in Iron County going north 90 miles to Douglas County.The plan called for cutting down all the old growth forest first , then called for stripping the top soil off to expose the iron ore. Once iron ore is exposed to sunlight , rain, and snow melt run-off the chemical reaction creates highly toxic sulfuric acid. Tiffany knew that massive volumes of highly toxic sulfuric acid would be would be released into the District's multi-billion dollar tourism economy utterly destroying it over time.  Sulfuric acid would have poisoned the streams, lakes and groundwater destroying property values and killing off all wild-life. Had the Great Lakes Band of Chippewa not stopped this project in Federal Court, it would have destroyed the 7th Congressional District's multi billion dollar tourism economy as well as thousands of jobs, homes, farms and businesses..

Conveniently for Tiffany, he never cited any credible third party, peer reviewed source backing his ridiculous claim that strip mining was an "environmentally clean way of mining." (See Articles tab above for:The Fight for Wisconsin's Soul, by Dan Kauffmann, NY Times, Mar. 2014.)