Part 2 of Lawrence's Green New Deal Let's Bring Profits Back to The Farm

Once elected, Lawrence will lead the search for federal, state, tribal, foundation, Small Business Administration support and private funding sources to help grow our District's farm sector. Initially, Lawrence would use his office as Congressman to help county commissioners initiate expert professional feasibility studies. Such Studies would be necessary to determine  projected total costs versus projected total revenues. Such costs would include the cost of land, plant and equipment for the infrastructure and start-up costs necessary to slaughter, process and direct market meat products.Lawrence's primary goal is to ensure that no rock is left un-turned in his quest to engage the creation of new family farm based business opportunities which dovetails with our District's multi-billion dollar, environmentally friendly tourism economy.


                                                Part 3 of Lawrence's Green New Deal- No more Fossil Fuels

Wind, solar, and other renewable energy technologies will be discussed. (Article in process) coming soon.