Opening Statement

Every 7th District election cycle brings another new group of candidates pronouncing that they are going to:"work hard for their constituents", "bring high paying jobs", "access more federal, state and private investment for the District", yada, yada, yada. Yet they never come through and our District stays in seemingly perpetual economic doldrums, and there is a reason for that: Selected candidates are prevented from making real change because the Democratic Party fears that high roller contributors who fund candidates political campaigns will stop contributing. Especially if the party finances a candidate who opposes corporate interference in our elections as Lawrence does. This explains the Democratic Party's candidate endorsement policy.
Lawrence doesn't tap into corporate PAC's. He is his own man and he will always put the interests of our Country and the 7th Congressional District before Party.

Brief Bio

Work History:Lawrence has been living and working in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District since 2006. First as an independent contractor selling value added meat products and since 2011 selling insurance. Due to the Financial Crisis of 2007-08, he lost his food products business and in 2011 he became state licensed to sell Health and Life Insurance which he still markets.

Political Involvement: In 2014, Lawrence ran as a Green for the 7th Congressional District.It was his opposition to Wisconsin’s 2014 Mining Bill that moved him to run. During that time he was endorsed by one of the largest Native American communities in Wisconsin, i.e., the Lac du Flambeau Tribal Council.

In 2016, Lawrence supported Bernie Sanders and worked as a phone bank volunteer calling hundreds of primary voters nationwide to get out the vote. He was later a Sander’s delegate for Vilas County. To see a county by county list of Sanders' delegates from the 7th Congressional District , click: Honor Roll” 

A Bernie-crat Arrives: In 2016, Lawrence ran as FDR Democrat for Wisconsin's 34thState Assembly seat. He did this upon learning that the Madison based Democratic "leadership" opposed the contest the Republican incumbent in order to save money. Lawrence then filed his own Nomination Petitions running as a Democrat.

Education: Lawrence completed his Masters degree at the University of Oregon’s College of Business where he majored in industrial and labor relations with focus on economics. His bachelor's degree was completed at The Ohio University, where he majored in Government with a focus on comparative governments and  political theory.

Research: Lawrence’s authored a comprehensive study entitled: Report on the Commercial Feasibility of a Farmer Owned Slaughter Plant, Meat Processing, Direct Marketing Cooperative. His study was vetted as commercially viable at the time by a NDSU agricutural economist.

Military Service: Lawrence’s Army Artillery service and his one year tour in Vietnam earned him G.I. Bill funding for his higher education and lifetime VA national healthcare coverage.