Lawrence's Green New Deal: Democratizing the 7th’s Farm Sector

  Transitioning from Timber to Hemp Pulp

Too many jobs are being lost in the pulp and paper industry in the 7th District. Lawrence’s Green New Deal has plans for exploiting the exciting new multi faceted profit making potential embodied in hemp production. Once elected , Lawrence will direct his staff to research federal, state, tribal and foundation sources to fund multiple commercially viable cooperative manufacturing ventures. But before that, professionally researched feasibility studies will be commissioned to determine the best high demand and most sustainable employment products derived from raw hemp. In Germany, for example, manufacturers now use hemp pulp to fashion molding for auto interiors.

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Part 2 of Lawrence's Green New Deal

Bringing Profits Back to the Farm: Growing New Family Farm Businesses


Lawrence completed a comprehensive feasibility study titled: “Report on the Feasibility of Building a Commercially Viable Slaughterhouse, Meat Processing, Direct Marketing Farm Cooperative"). His study was found to be commercially viable then by an expert cooperative agriculture economist from North Dakota State University. It proved it could be commercially viable for a farmers' cooperative using a corporate cooperative business model, could capture enough of a niche market from the multi-million dollar high demand meat products market to be profitable. And once the cooperative was operational, it could create hundreds of new family farm businesses in our District. Why? Because there are numerous cost saving advantages that small farm operations have over factory farms in this particular product line.

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Medicare for All


The number one cause of bankruptcies for Americans over age 50 is the inability to pay medical bills, especially after becoming seriously ill which is when more expensive medical measures need to be taken.On a per capita basis, American expenditure for health care is double that of Canadians who have free healthcare. Medicare for All would also provide Long Term Care (LTC) coverage.To be eligible for LTC in Wisconsin, one has to go through the indignity of liquidating all their assets down to only $2,000 in order to be eligible for the Family Care LTC program.

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Lawrence will Fight for Universal  Pre-K for 3 and 4 year olds


We know that all the best peer reviewed studies of the Pre K find that three and four year olds do better academically and socially if they attend Pre K taught by professional educators. Pre-K’s purpose is to help our children learn cooperative behaviors when dealing with other children and adults in resolving differences. It is important that 3 and 4 year old children learn at that tender age how to settle conflicts with other children and adults in a respectful, civil manner. 

As your Congressman, Lawrence will collaborate with state, federal, tribal, educators and others to initiate the fight to make universal free Pre K available to all 3 and 4 year olds. Pre K will require hundreds of new, certified Pre-K teachers. Once implemented, this job creation stimulus will generate millions of new dollars flowing through our District's economy.


Stop Corporate Interference in Our Elections. 


The U.S Supreme Court ruled in 2010 in a case entitled: Citizens United  v. U.S. Federal Elections Commission,that corporations are permitted to use unlimited corporate treasuries to interfere in our democratic elections.

Citizens United is, a Koch fortune sponsored organization.The extremist Kochs' specialize in spreading distortions, misinformation and lies against opposing candidates in order to promote their own climate change denying commercial interests.They accomplish this by spending their fortune financing "climate change deniers", by financing right wing Tea Party organizations to rationalize corporate welfare and also fund pseudo Christian fanatics to stir up hate against Koch's political opponents.

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Legalize Marijuana


Lawrence will support Congressional legislation to decriminalize marijuana and purge all felony records of those convicted exclusively of marijuana possession and distribution.

Marijuana has been extensively vetted in many states and legalized because no medical evidence could be found indicating it is harmful in any way. Most states that have legalized marijuana heavily regulate and tax the producers and retailers. Nevertheless, it's legalization create hundreds of new employment opportunities and provide millions of new tax dollars to State Treasuries. This new source of revenue could provide needed resources to fund programs such as free universal Pre K creating hundreds if not thousands of new , good paying teaching jobs.

It is patently wrong to continue the practice of making felons out of those who are caught with a substance that causes no harm.There is no medical or other scientific evidence that marijuana is harmful. It has been legalized in several states.